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Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm looking for a heartbeat......

Because I have nothing interesting to say, I am going to relegate today's blog to.... wait I don't think I actual know what relegate means.... Anyhow, I've been listening to Don Johnson's hit 1986 album "Heartbeat" alot recently, and just generally thinking about DJ alot recently. (DJ is what his "hardcore" fans call him apparently).
So I've been groovin' to this record while I fall asleep at night. Bored at work I decide to do a little research about the man, the record, etc. So I figured I would share with you some examples of what OTHER people thought of Heartbeat (with some pictures to make it more effective..):

Daniel Powers had this to say about it:

I bought this album because of a gay friend of mine named Jason Smith gave it rave reviews! One time while walking by his apartment I peaked in the window and saw Jason dancing to this album stark naked with a ski mask on. I thought that was so weird. anyway, this album sucks!

J. Uttley "movie buff" from Joliet, IL shares this with us: (excerpts)

I loved to watch him in 'Vice.' It wasn't long after that, "Heartbeat," was all over the radio waves. Let me tell you, this song took me my ears to a whole new level of passionate music dimensions!!
As a matter of fact, I have it in my cassette player right now.
What really made my Friday nights was when the, "Nash Bridges," series made its way to the television air waves.
There were many episodes where I'd be seen, eyes on the big screen, tears flowing down my face.
All I do pretty much now, is wonder what Don has in store for his fans in the near future.
........this guy sounds pretty cool!

oh wait, last but not least, my favorite
Nelmarie Eloff from South Africa writes:

Get yourself this CD now!! Or any other CD of DJ! This guy just do it!!! He have that honey sweet voice that hookes you on every song!! I luv the song called Lost in your eyes! I'm a HUGE DJ fan and I most surtenly do recomend any of his albums!!! GET IT NOW or SNOOZE AND LOOSE!!!!
By the way, my review is that this album is THE BEST, except for the song he does with Willie Nelson. That one is not so good.
For next time: Philip Michael Thomas' album "Living the Book of My Life".

til next time boys and ghouls,
Nelmarie Eloff

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