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Friday, April 4, 2008

Are you trying to read my journal???

So this girl at the bar last night read my palm and told me that love will lead me down a path of happiness blah blah. She was crazy. I got good lifelines in my right hand though. She got all mad at me when I tried to compare with my left palm, telling me she had only learned how to "read" right hands, and that I had to shut the fuck up and listen instead of yakkin off at the mouth so much. What the hell do you expect? Whatever.
So yeah, I realized that writing a "blog" that only like 1 person reads is essentially equivalent to writing in a journal, which we all know is LAME. But I got some good ideas to put on wax here before I forgettem.

First a couple of my cash-cow movie ideas that will only rake in any real sort of residuals after the 3rd sequel comes out. Its a marketing strategy I haven't seen used yet, so I'm gonna ride that train (and ride it). Here's two examples:

Be Careful What You Wish - Practically nobody sees this movie, straight to DBD, etc.
Be Careful What You Wish 2 - Mediocre sales, strong rental and download figures.
Be Careful What You Wish 3 - Internet buzz, excellent reception, limited theater run.
Be Careful What You Wish 4 - Cash Cow Baby

along the same vein is another series, pretty self-explanatory really:

Sometimes You Can't See the Forest
Sometimes You Can't See the Forest 2: The Return
Sometimes You Can't See the Forest 3: The Aftermath
Sometimes You Can't See the Forest 4: The Trees

Maybe the "sometimes" shouldn't be there. Also, which set of movies comes out first? I'm sure the movie going public will only be duped by this sort of stratagem once, so I must heed the advice of the strange man at the Laundromat:
"You gotta know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em"
I presume he wasn't talking about the trousers I was taking out of the dryer.

On another topic, I've finally come up with the name of my first child. And, because I'm always thinking, I've come up with a contingency plan in case it's a GIRL. Here are the names:

BOY - September 11th Bassett
GIRL - "Hurricane" Katrina Bassett

So I'm pretty excited about those, I just need to get down to business. Ladies? I'm single, ready to mingle.
Lastly, The Mean Jeans are gearing up to put out a 7" on Rehab Records. Not sure what songs are gonna be on it, but you can expect some pretty GROOVY artwork that may or may not resemble visual powerhouses as such:

Well, so long for now, I'm off to listen to "Can't Get Can't Get You Out of My Head Out of My Head" while trying to glue my iPod to my groin (maximum portability).


Anonymous said...

Who's the one person who reads your blog?

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reminds me of The Real Real World World. A tell-all expose about the various scandals surrounding the making of The Real World World (which is itself a inside look at the making-of the hit TV series The Real World). Get the scoop.

Rhona said...

Good post.