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Friday, April 11, 2008

It's Slime Time!

Last week I was assembling assorted specimens of slime and ooze for chore boy Rex to analyze while we were designing the Mean Jeans 7" cover on Rehab Records; tentatively titled "SMDYF!". Anyhow, I got too lazy to DO ANYTHING with the results, as I had already contributed tuns o' fine reading material to my lesions of fans out there........... (cricket chirping while riding a tumbleweed through an empty room).
It was actually quite a significant moment in my recent life because, until then, I had never reached THE END of the internet. I searched both SLIME and OOZE (and maybe even SLIME TIME) in google image search, and I scrolled through each set of results until they RAN out. Thats like over 100 pages of results for each variation on GUNK. This is more depressing than funny (like seeing me naked), but at least I was getting PAID while doing it.
So let's see what we got, SHALL WE?

This one really doesn't need any preface:

This one was basically to use for a model to trace in photoshop to get a seeping, dripping ooze. You know an oozing, slipping SLIME?:

My plan is to obtain this next item and read it on the bus in hopes of sparking up LIVELY conversation with attractive FEMALES:

Was gonna suggest Christian buy this guitar, but he already bought one just as SWEET, but not quite as GREEN:

After work I'm headed down to 12345 Any Street to donkey punch whoever is responsible for NOT INVITING ME to this party:

Found inspiration for the title of the first LP:

I wonder if he was playing THIS guitar when he got shot:

My favorite Commodore 64 game, BY FAR:


When I'm not hard at work on this BLOG, I'm most likely just kiknbaque in my fave spot, the SLIME POOL:

Is this shit drawn by the same dude who does the Fat Wreck Chords Live in a Dive series? Any pathetic losers out there even know what the hell I am talking about or did you decide to GROW UP and GET A JOB and STOP LISTENING TO MAD CADDIES ALL DAY?:

My grandma's favorite movie:

Oh and by the way, I spelled legions incorrectly ON PURPOSE to BE FUNNY. See you at the MEAN JEANS HOUSE PARTY on Saturday night you mudfuckers.


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Anonymous said...

I think this comment is even better than your actual blog.....

Anonymous said... of those comments is from james donkstock.....CAN YOU GUESS WHICH ONE?????

Mean said...

HEY! If you're James Donkstock then howcome it says ANONYMOUS? You're not fooling anybody, ANONYMOUS!

Blauth said...

my brother used to have that masters of the universe comic. i think that he sold it to the market vendor at the tanguis del choppo in mexico city. or maybe he gave it to you. whatever.