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Friday, July 6, 2007

8 to Jubitz... 8 to Jubitz

Alright, its Friday morning and its time to bitch.

First of all there is a dude on the bus I ride every morning who has the nastiest, greasiest hair. He never blinks. He's a black guy with long curly silver hair down to his shoulders that only turns silver towards the bottom. He's insane looking. But who cares about all that... the problem is he spends the entire time on the bus cleaning his ears with a q-tip. Is it just me or is that real nasty? I dont really give a shit about too much stuff, but this guy creeps me out. He is doing it constantly and every once in a while he will produce a new q-tip (as in a different one because I dont think any of them are actually new...) and go to town. Fuck that guy.

One cool thing though is that I went to go see Hot Fuzz with Crapford last night and while he was taking a piss some guy came up to me and said:
KOKANEE? (pronounced extremely incorrectly)
Turns out it was Kyle from the Colombian Dance Party Extravaganza (good story, more on that maybe later)
Anyways, he was wearing funny shades and I didnt recognize him, but I do appreciate people who recognize me thru beer.
Also the movie was good but maybe too long?
Anyways, I've lost focus so I'll end this now. Maybe some other time I will continue talking about people who annoy me (like people who press the elevator button even though I just pressed it right in front of them AND it is lit up. retards)

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Christian Death said...

what does he do with the q-tips when he is done? my breath STINKS, so i'll shut up