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Friday, July 13, 2007

Prince of Douchebags

Michael "Pure" Goldman doesn't know who Bryan Adams is. What the hell is that? Then I sang "Everything I Do" for him and he was like "Oh yeah whatever okay I guess I know that song". Then I was like don't you remember Robin Hood Prince of Thieves? It was the Theme Song!". And he was like, "Oh so Im supposed to know this crappy song just because it was in some crappy movie.... Robin Hood Men in Tights was much better anyways, remember when blah blah blah"...
Some people are crazy. You can't mess with the scene where he finally hits English shores and he kneels in the wet sand and uses his hands as human hourglasses. Or when Morgan Freeman is mesmerized by the binoculars. Or monocular. Telescope. Whatever.
Its Friday and there's a Mean Jeans show tonight. Chyeah Baby.


Michael said...

From IMDB...

Robin Hood: You are entering the territory of Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

Rabbi Tuckman: Faygeles?

Merry Men: [clears their throats, trying to act macho]

Robin Hood: No, no. We're straight. Just... merry.

Rabbi Tuckman: As I. And who are you, with the exceptionally long feather in your hat?

Robin Hood: I am Robin of Locksley.

Rabbi Tuckman: Robin of Locksley?
I've just come from Maid Marian, the woman whose heart you've stolen, you prince of tease, you! I knew her parents before they were taken in the plague, Lord and Lady Bahgel. You know, you two were made for each other. I mean, what a combination. Locksley and Bahgel! It can't miss!

oopda77 said...

I actually used to have that on LP.

The Hound of Love said...

Hehe... I actually STILL have this on LP. One Night Love Affair is one serious jam. Didn't know you went under the moniker oopda77, I had to do some google dtective work to find out who you are.....
Wait why the hell did you have this?

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, my cover is blown. It's just a junk mail account on yahoo that I never look at. And sometimes I'm too lazy to even sign in with it. - The Elusive Mr. Oopda -