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Thursday, July 19, 2007


You know what I was thinking today...
The fact that boxers are normally all different colors creates a problem I just now realized. Lets say that you really liked blue boxers, so you had like 10 pairs of them. So everyday you would wear a fresh new pair of blue boxers. BUTT - if someone were to sneak a peek and notice that you had been wearing blue boxers for 3 days in a row, they would be making fun of you and telling other people you work with that you are smelly and dont shower and dont change your underpants...
See now, I actually HAVE been wearing the same blue boxers for 3 days now without showering, but I feel like its unfair to someone who was actually fresh and clean.
See now, with whitey tighties, you dont have this problem. If someone were to see another persons whitey-tighties 3 days in a row, they would probably just assume that they are wearing a fresh new pair of underpants everyday, because most whitey tighties are white (hence the name). See thats not fair I says. But then again I guess people who wear whitey tighties get made fun of anyways.
I switched to boxers in fifth grade. My mom bought me a pair of Jurassic Park ones and then a pair of Bugs Bunny surfing on a carrot ones. I remember showing them off on the front porch (stylin'). The next year I caved in to wigger pressure and bought a Chicago Bulls Starter jacket (which was later stolen...)
Time to go.

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